Who are we?

Learn who we are?

ornament1Abba Great World Ministries incorporated is the umbrella ministry that oversees our numerous ministries which sees to the fact that the vision is keep in focus: although numerous in operations but there is one thread that holds it all together and that is what Abba great World anchors its operation on, making sure whatever we build is according to specification as received from Above

Bible College

ornament1 Abba Great World Ministry offers a training under the umbrella of End Time Army Academy, a training program that is designed to help candidates to discover their purpose so they can fulfil their destiny.

They are a lot of people in ministry that are not making any headway because they don’t understand how to make their calling work for them, here in End Time Army Academy, we have seen so many come through the school their lives and ministry shaped for greater productivity.

End Time Army Worship Center

ornament1End Time Army Worship Centre is a church where destinies are molded, kt is also a church that major on leadership and raising an end time army armed with the world of God to go into the world to make a difference.

Our Vision is to see the gospel reach the ends of the world using Africa as God’s weapon of war

What we do?

ornament1Apart from our Bible College and Church, we take part in various other Ministries which includes Deborah Generation, Tracts Club, Sponsor a Prisoner, our magazines publication and also our World Transformer Network

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