Conspiracy in the heaven lies

There was a meeting in the heavenly realm, the sons of God met together concerning the events of the last days; after the meeting, Satan summoned all his principalities vexed by the glory that await the last day saints and the fact that his time is so short.

He summoned all the principalities. Gathered unto him, were the continental principalities; each with reports of event in their various territories to present.

Then Satan spoke up. “I was in the meeting with the Holy one and was vexed that we have just a short time, then our final punishment; but what vexed me most was the glory that is laid ahead of the last day saint”.

“I called you to plan our next line of action so that we will make the way to heaven very tough for the saints”.

The prince of North America spoke; “greetings my Lord, for us in North America, we are already making it tough for the saints in America; we have so convinced the youth about gay marriage and have made null and void the fear of God; making divorce rate high.”

“Presently ministers are even indulging in homosexuality and we have succeeded in making open your worship before the people that nobody is pricked at your worship”. “That is wonderful”, said Satan and turned to the prince of Asia.

My Lord, our people as you know have so believed in worshipping other gods that the message of the gospel will scarcely penetrate, our only fear is with the youth, so many are turning to the Holy one, so our plan is to bring calamities such as the Tsunami, so we can deceived them that the gods are annoyed and must be appeased; by so doing they will turn to their gods much more for help than to the Almighty God.”

Satan added “you have more work to do; I need more strategies that will make sure the last day saints are trimmed to the minimum.”
“I will look to that my Lord.” Assured the prince of Asia. “I want it now” shouted Satan and looked at the prince of Africa.
“Greeting my Lord, as you know we have long laid down a plan to bring the saints in Africa to hell at all cost; most especially since we came to the understanding of the fact that the last day Army are coming from Africa; we have used the weapon of poverty, corruption and war to turn their value away from God and remove peace from them. “As you know my Lord; a man can give anything in an extreme harsh condition,” He said applauding himself; so far we have ministers preaching just because of money and not for the sake of soul anymore. Many even go to witch doctors for power just to populate their churches and make money”.

South Africa for example has open the door to gay activities and gradually we will sell the ideas to other Africa nations my Lord, we only need time. We have succeeded in Nigeria where the fire is rising from, and have reduced the young minister to go after daily bread instead of focusing on the work ahead’. With joy he looked around and said, “we have also succeeded in blinding their eyes to the truth, so they hold at high esteem those that have made money not minding, how they made it. My Lord I strongly assure you that we have captured the entire system in Africa, we have our trained ladies sent to every church, bringing down this saints and 9 out of 10 ministers are falling. My Lord we only need time and we can even enthrone you publicly as their ministers as long as they have what they need”.

“Ha, ha, ha” Satan laughed with satisfaction, “that is good; just let me know if you need more demons in Africa and he turned to the other prince

Well beloved, I have receive the mandate from God to raise the last day Army, sitting as a refiner and purifier of the sons of Levi that they may offer unto God a sacrifice in righteousness Mal 3:3

The devil has toughen the path to life so that few people can successfully scale to the end; have you not seen the trend of today’s preaching, can’t you see that it all boils down to material acquisition more than heavenly focus; it is becoming increasing difficult; such that as it is written that if the time is not shorten, even the very elect will be deceived.

Are we not seeing deception all around today, when all that looks good is that which is interpreted as God; when material blessing is all that point to God’s approval; when every minister in ministry uses people to build personal empire.

Are we still interested in souls as it used to be or are we now settled for what to eat and drink at all cost? John 6: 27.

This is the last day’s and it is written that perilous times shall come 2 Tim 3 : 1:5; we are at that time now; and we must all determine against the odds that come rain come shine we will make it to the end.


The Lord gave me a mandate to raise unto Him the end time Army; An Army that will war without compromise; an Army that will stay strong through the challenges of our time as it is written in Joel 2:3 “Before them fire devours, behind them the flame blazes. Behind them is a desolate wilderness before them is the Garden of Eden” (Paraphrased)

The Lord has passed me through all kinds of roads in my few years on earth in other to be able to pass this message to my generation.

When I got the idea to use this blog channel to get across to many across the globe, I suddenly felt the peace and the approval of God to do so.

Do help in promoting this message by forwarding this monthly journals to your friends, relatives, etc. for the day of the Lord is at hand and many are the captives the enemy has in his camp.

The purpose of this publication is to bring every Christian the awareness that we are living in the last days and the need to combat as soldiers of Christ against the powers of darkness that are holding the predestined captive.

As you forward this message, you are doing your part in reaching out to the Army of God and the Lord will bless you richly.

In this maiden edition, we are focusing on the conspiracy in the heavenlies, the plot of the devil and his principalities against the last day Army. May the Lord open your eyes of understanding to comprehend these messages.

Write to us for suggestion on how we could serve God’s people better through this medium and any other way. We will also like to know how this publication is blessing you. May be Lord Bless you as you wait relentlessly for His second appearing.

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