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Raising End Time Army - Taking the Gospel to the Ends of the Earth. Isaiah 52:10


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  • Are you in search of your purpose for living?
  • Do you desire to understand the Bible better?
  • Do you sense the call of God upon your life and want to be …

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For the past two years, Emmanuel has been teaching a Discipleship Class every Thursday evening from 5:00pm - 7:00pm.

He supplies each attendee with fo…

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Deborah Generation picture

Elizabeth anchors this arm of the ministry, which is delivered through the Healing School, the counseling services and an annual Women's Conference.


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Emmanuel and Elizabeth engage in daily evangelism at a local clinic where approximately a hundred to a hundred and fifty patients are attended to dai…

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Abba Great World Ministries is actively involved in the production of Gospel tracts which are great aids in our evangelistic efforts.

We are cur…

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Abba Great World Ministries has its own publishing house that handles all its publications. Both Emmanuel and Elizabeth are involved in writing Chris…

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Finding Your Life Partner Without Tears - God's Way picture

Emmanuel and Elizabeth Abba Great are called into the ministry with the vision of raising End Time Army for the last days move of God. They are confe…

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The Emergence of the End Time Army picture

The Emergence of the End Time Army is a book I received to write in order to correct the excesses and ills of the last days, which is visible upon us…

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The Conspiracy - The World Under Demonic Siege picture

Who are those controlling our world? Are the things we see, hear and relate to what they seems to be or someone is behind the scene controlling it al…

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Ten Principles of Respect picture

The Ten Principles of Respect is a book written for the purpose of re-establishing values in our society and culture in the light of God's Word.

In th…

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Abraham - The life and pilgrimage of the Patriarch picture

This is a novel that tries to capture the in between the line story of the Patriarch Abraham. In this book the author paint the picture of his tempta…

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Honour Not Fitting For A fool (Musical) picture

Emmanuel Abba Great has to his honour a musical album titled 'Honour Not Fitting For A Fool'. The titles are:-

  1. Come out of your folly…
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Thank you for supporting the cause of the gospel through your partnership in giving to expand the Kingdom: Remember, both he that goes into the field…

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The ideal church is the church that operates exactly as Christ ordained it to be starting with recognising the place of the Apostles, Prophets, Evang…

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The ideal Church is the church as it should be and not as it is currently. the ideal church is that which the five-fold ministries are fully active a…

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In the ideal church, the five-fold ministry is key to the functionality and sustainability of it. in today's broadcast, we are looking at the ministr…

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“The performance of each of you in your domain has been very exceptional. The next phase of this project is the task of enthroning the anti-Christ. I…

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Calm The Storm picture

One day Jesus said to his disciples, “Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.” so they got into the boat and set out. As they sailed, he fell as…

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'Dominion' Last Day Key to Success picture

“Then God said “Let us make man in our image and after our likeness, and let them rule

over the fish of the sea and the birds of the air, over the liv…

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Mark Dodoo picture

Mark Dodoo

President: Voice of Dominion Ministries

My name is Mark Dodoo, a volunteer with Abba Great World Ministries Inc. and the president of Voice of Dominion Ministries.
I became a member of the ministry the last two years and God has blessed me immensely through the ministry. The Teachings at Discipleship Forum has helped me acquire knowledge and understanding of the Bible, which has empowered me to champion the kingdom business.
Secondly, I have been financially free due to the teachings.
Through the prophesies and prayers at the healing school coupled with guidance and counselling from the ministry, God opened the way for my marriage just a year after joining the ministry. I am happily married with a baby and God keeps taking care of my family.
I will say , I don't struggle anymore financially and I am a proud soul winner now for Christ.

Juanen H. picture

Juanen H.

C.E.O Route 2 Retail


I am doing SO well spiritually, thank you. I really do think your prayer on that Thursday and your continued prayers as well as the cds came at the right time.

I do believe finally and I can say it truthfully, it is not just lip service, that God is my father too and he has a plan with me too. The cds are playing in my car constantly. I am now on cd3 because I listen to each cd many times over before putting in the next one and I just started on cd 3 this morning.

 I have learned so much in listening to them and I really do have a new peace and a new joy in my life. I am reading long passages in the Bible daily, especially since listening to cd2 and I cannot believe how my eyes are opening to new wisdom daily.


Anita Van Wyngwardt picture

Anita Van Wyngwardt

I have been studying through Pastor Emmanuel for 3 years in the Discipleship Classes. I have grown tremendously during this time in both my bible study, faith, and my parenting ways. 

I used to read the Bible with NO understanding but I felt I had to do it because it is my duty as a “Christian” to read my Bible daily, but it is so sad to say that I’ve lost so many precious times in not understanding what I’ve read. I could not answer some of my kid’s “easy” questions with confidence and lost valuable time and lessons to both myself and my children. The benefit is that I also take my lessons to my parents and family to study with me. 

NOW I understand how to read and interpret what I read. I can give my children confident answers and they can study the Bible easier with me because we can now discuss the lessons and questions as they arise. People who knows me told me how much I’ve grown as a believer and a person in so many different ways. Even my EX and my children gave me great feedback to my studies and personal growth, which meant so much to me. 

If I had learned what I know now when I was a child or even younger then my life would’ve been so different, I would’ve and could’ve changed my life. I have a big regret for the time wasted BUT I am extremely thankful to Pastors Emanuel and Elizabeth for their teachings and great leadership in our life’s. This just show you that you are NEVER too old to start.


Abba Great World Ministries Inc., is a registered entity in South Africa under section 21 of CIPC in 2012. Registration number 2012/051195/21.

The main purpose of this organisation is to Raise an End Time Army that will take the Gospel to the ends of the earth through its various ministries.


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Emmanuel and Elizabeth Abba Great picture

Emmanuel and Elizabeth Abba Great

President and Vice-President

Emmanuel and Elizabeth Abba Great have been actively involved in the running of the ministries since 2012 and have together ministered to many and tr…

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Steven Adakole picture

Steven Adakole

National Director (Nigeria)

Steven Adakole is the Nigerian Director of Abba Great World Ministries Inc., Nigerian office. He is resident in Lagos Nigeria.

Pastor (Mrs) B.U Adeyemi picture

Pastor (Mrs) B.U Adeyemi

Patron, Nigerian Office

Pastor (Mrs) B.U Adeyemi has been a great believer in the ministry the Lord handed to us right from when the ministry was so small in Lagos Nigeria. …

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